From The Director's Desk
Dear Aspirants,
I wish to convey my heartiest greeting to all nursing candidates who have dedicated themselves to be a nurse. Nursing profession as it the most truly considered a highly honorable profession involving compassion and dedication is comparatively a better career of the era and also the best source of happiness of the God, the ultimate goal of human being as widely accepted in all religions.
The opportunities for a nurse are varied and limitless. Nurses occupy a largest bulk of health care force. A professional nurse provides holistic care with compassion and empathy for the suffering human. The horizon has expanded widely with never ending staff shortage in western and Middle East countries. Mean while we cannot ignore the huge demands at home.

Hayat institute of nursing is established in 2010. Our well infrastructure institution gives high quality professional education for our students. It provides training to the students by our highly qualified and experienced teachers in a highly advanced manner. The institute has its own Hayat Hospital with in the campus while other hospitals with different specialties are also associated for complete clinical practicum. The institute tries to develop the abilities of students by conducting regular classes of English computer, personality development, spirituality and also various efforts like ensuring their participation in seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures, educative gathering, inter/intra school competitions, events of social / national cause, national/international health day’s observance in order to prepare them as a globally competitive nurse to serve the mankind.
          With Regards
Mohammad. Arif

( Director)