Top class Infrastructure plays a prominent role in the success of any Educational Institutes these days. The Hayat Institute has its Hostel & Hospital within the campus of 10 Acres of land with covered area.
Well furnished ventilated building with modern designed Lecture Halls. All Classrooms and Lecture Halls are spacious, equipped with modern teaching aids are provided with comfortable and conducive environment for learning.

Nursing Foundation Practice Laboratory (Fundamentals of Nursing)
Fully equipped lab with most modern equipments, instruments and manikins, demonstration beds in proportion to the number of students practicing nursing procedures. This lab will have facilities for practice of basic nursing care and advance nursing practice procedures.
Anatomy & Physiology Lab
The lab provides a true picture of anatomy and physiology through effective and supervised learning through working models, specimens, charts, posters and articulated skeletons of human body and its functions.

Gynecology ,Obstetrics and Pediatrics Lab
The lab provides practical description about maternal and child health. It enable the students to skillful practice through fully equipped with obstetrical training manikins, models and specimens of stages and development of embryo.

Nutrition Laboratory
Facility for imparting basic knowledge about food and to practice the cooking for the healthy as well as for the sick.

Community Health Nursing Lab
The lab provides relevant set up of a community and its health care services and how to perform nursing procedures in a community set up to achieve preventive promotive and rehabilitation services.

Computer Laboratory
Keeping pace with the latest technology, we have a fully equipped computer lab with internet facility and good collection of latest health care and nursing related softwares and laser printers.

Audio Visual Lab
The Institute possesses a good number of Audio-Visual Aids. The Institute possess all kinds of basic as well as advanced training aids like LCD Projectors, OHP, Slide Projectors, Specimens and Models, Charts ,Posters, Film Projectors, A good collection of Video Tapes, C.D. Video and Audio materials on different subjects are available for the students education and latest softwares.

Other Laboratories
Under the valuable guidance of the Faculty, Nursing Students shall be allowed to work in the modern and fully equipped labs like Microbiology, Bio-Chemistry and Pathology Labs.

Well ventilated and with proper lighting system utilised for hosting functions of the Institute, Educational Conferences / Workshops, Seminars, Examinations etc. and the facilities for the use of all kinds of Basic and Advanced Audio-Visual Aids.

A well equipped library is one of the pillaA well equipped Library is one of the pillars of a progressive forward looking education system. The spacious library of this institution affords a rich reference section of necessary books to fulfill the needs of the students joining the professional program. Its readily multiplying collection is poised to transform it into and extensive and in depth treasure of books and journals of Nursing Course. The library also subscribes Nos. of Magazines, News Papers and Other Literature Documents material for the students to develop their awareness about National and International Affairs and get insight of the modern Nursing Science Practices with the latest journals of Nursing. Membership of the College Library is compulsory for all the students.

 The Hostel Facility is also available with suitable accommodation for Boys and Girls separately. The Rooms are well furnished to make the stay of inmates for learning community living and facilitating out of class discussions on assignments. The inmates of the Hostel get invigorating environment for constant interaction among themselves leading to their personality development all basic facilities are available in hostel including mess recreational facilities, 24-hour water and electricity.

They have to pay for investigational charges and the cost of the medicines. As per the prevailing schedule, Immunization against infectious diseases will be done regularly for the students.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Various sports facilities in institute campVarious Sports facilities in institute campus are developed and keeping in view to providing the extra curricular activities a boost to personality development. The facilities for various indoor games like Carom, Chess, Badminton etc., and out door games like Hockey, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Athletics etc., are provided in campus/playground.

The Institute having the Parent Hospital (Hayat Hospital) fully equipped with the latest technology to make it a benchmark hospital in healthcare for clinical practical’s and also be affiliated with a number of other reputed super specialty hospitals in Lucknow.

Students personal problems will be looked into and necessary counseling and guidance will be given by the Teachers and Experts. Faculties motivates and encourage to achieve to the students to exhibit their personal talents and skills.

Indoor Sports
Sports are activities requiring a good deal Sports are activities requiring a good deal of competitive physical action. Some sports are played outdoor, while some are played indoor. Unlike outdoor sports, most indoor sports are less physically strenuous. Examples of those are Darts, Bowling, Table Tennis. However, there are also indoor sports that require extreme physical action and could expose participants to serious physical injury. Among those sports are Basketball,  Wall Climbing, Gymnastics and Weight Lifting.
Outdoor Sports
Active Outdoor Sport provides events, a training and activity based holidays based around Open Water Swimming, Cycling, Running and Lawn Tennis to motivate and inspire you.
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